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Terms and Conditions


By using our website you agree to the following Terms and Condition, which we may change, move or delete at any time. You agree to those changes by using and shopping in our website. Korean.Style is owned by CangHaiYiSu LTD (company number: 1367966), located at Unit 04, 7/F, Bright Way Tower, No 33, Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, Honk Kong, HK tel: 27935511 and Korean.Style is the trading name of CangHaiYiSu LTD in the United Kingdom. Because of this, Korean.Style. All services and sales made within this website are provided by the aforementioned upon payment being verified. By purchasing our products you agree to abide to the Terms of Service placed by the aforementioned.


User Restrictions

By using our website you agree that all the products (clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, purses, jewelry, pictures of the products or otherwise known as “content”) are trademarked and property of CangHaiYiSu LTD (company number: 1367966), located at Unit 04, 7/F, Bright Way Tower, No 33, Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, Honk Kong HK tel: 27935511. You, our valued customer, are not permitted to use the content you see on our website without the express written consent, given to you by us. You agree that you are not allowed to manipulate our content (download, copy, redistribute, publish, republish, post, transmit) without our written agreement, or the written agreement of our owners, CangHaiYiSu. Our content may not be manipulated for your own personal benefit, like selling it for your own profit, advertising it as your own, or otherwise harming our website for your own personal benefit. Our content may be distributed with only non-commercial purposes such as, but not limited to, suggesting it to other people. Nevertheless, you are not authorised to make any modifications to our content, you are not authorised to edit or redo any of the pictures on our website; you are not authorised to edit the descriptions or provide untrue information about our content. If we have spotted a violation in our Terms of Use we have the full right to request the deletion and destruction of all files that violate our Terms of Use, and we also have the full right to terminate your account and suspend you from using our website. Finally, any violation of our own Terms of Use may also transgress any international laws, laws of privacy or publicity that may further deepen the fault of having violated our Terms of Use.


Comments, Feedback and Submissions by Users

By utilising our website you agree that any comments, feedback or submissions (otherwise known as posts) posted by you will conform to our Terms of Use and will in no way violate it. You also agree that you will not transgress the rights of any third party with your comments, feedback or submissions (or posts), and will not infringe any trademarks, copyrights, privacy or any other personal property right. We work with many third parties and we must all abide to a code of conduct that will help make our job cleaner and quicker, without any violations or problems. The posts you can make on our website – be it in our forums or as comments on our products – may not contain any abusive or offensive material. Such abusive or offensive material can be, but is not limited to, unlawful, obscene, rude or slandering. You agree that you will not violate the Terms of Use regarding our Comments, Feedback and Submissions by Users. You also agree that Korean.Style has the right to erase any such negative or offensive posts, while also warning you about future faults. You also agree that Korean.Style has the full power to remove any toxic users by suspending their accounts or otherwise disallowing them to use the website. Finally, you also agree that Korean.Style will own all rights to such comments, feedback or sumissions from its users, but will also recognise the user who has posted the comment, feedback or submission when mentioning it somewhere else. We, Korean.Style, will also respond to any user comments, feedback or submissions when we see fit.


Our Communication With Our Clients

By joining our website, you agree that Korean.Style may send you emails for new promotions, products, content or contests. You also agree that we can email you with any changes to the Terms of Use themselves, and that you will also agree to those changes if you choose to remain with us. Our communication with our clients will be done mainly through email, so providing a valid and functioning email is imperative. However, we also do not restrict you if you decide to opt out of receiving emails about advertisements of products. You, however, cannot choose to not receive updates to the Terms of Use.


Our Products and Third Parties

While we, at Korean.Style, strive to bring you the best of fashion in all its wonderful colours, we do not take any responsibility for the state of your monitor or the colours it produces. We show pictures of our content with their actual colours, but what colours you receive via your monitor is entirely up to the technology you have at your disposal. We do not take any responsibility for any differences in the colour. Furthermore, if there is a link to an outside source on our website then you agree to direct all problems with that link itself to the link owners themselves. Korean.Style does not account or answer for third parties outside the website, or outside CangHaiYiSu, and any issues you may have with those third parties should be brought up with them, not with Korean.Style.


Inaccuracies and Returns

Sometimes, Korean.Style may have typographical errors or errors of other sort, regarding prices or availability. We reserve the right to change and fix such errors, even if you have already ordered a piece that had an error within it. This may lead to problems with orders and the satisfaction of our customers, but you have the right to return your purchase to us, after you have emailed us the invoice. For further information, refer to our Return Policy, where you will be able to find all the necessary information on how to properly return a purchase to us, and how to get your money back, without any problems.



This agreement with Korean.Style will persist for as long as you are a member of Korean.Style, and for as long you keep abiding by the rules stated so far. You can terminate your connection with Korean.Style at any point, and Korean.Style is also free to terminate any connection with you at any point as well. Such terminations may occur if you have violated the Terms of Use, for instance. Once your membership has been terminated all your sensitive information will be erased from our servers and you will be obliged to delete any downloaded material – like pictures. Once your membership with us has been terminated, you can reestablish it if you have not committed any violations towards us. Otherwise, it will remain terminated.

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