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Privacy Policy

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Korean.Style is committed to protect the privacy of visitors and customers. The Korean.Style team members are customers of other Internet sites and we appreciate and respect the importance of privacy. We will not disclose information about our customers to any third parties.

Communication & Marketing

If you have made an order from our store we may update you on Korean.Styles's latest products, news or special offers via e-mails. You will also be given the opportunity to receive such communications and marketing emails from us when you become a member of Korean.Style.


Below you will find the terms of our Privacy Policy and what it means. We, at Korean.Style, are committed to safely guarding the sensitive information you give to us, in order to browse our website freely. As avid users of the Internet, all of us appreciate it when other websites keep their word about our privacy, so we aim to do that with our own website as well. We do not sell or freely give our customers’ private information. Our Privacy Policy is in place so that it can dictate how your sensitive information is handled, and how you are allowed to control it.

 A Privacy Policy is the rules and regulations a firm or company must abide to regarding their customers’ personal information. What this entails is that any information given by our customers will remain completely confidential and private, and nobody but our customers themselves will have access to that information, or be able to use it within our website. In order to best use our website to its fullest you need to give us a few details about yourself, which may include, but not limited to, shipping address, credit card number, name, telephone number; or you can make your own account with us which will require an account name and password. All of these things we value as sensitive information and its safekeeping is our prime priority. This sensitive information will be safely guarded and nobody will have access to it, except you yourself and a very small number of trusted employees.

Our Privacy Policy also involves the handling of orders and purchases, as well as the activities performed after that. These activities include you receiving emails about our latest promotions and newest products, but also we have to allow you to opt out of such emails. It is your right to choose whether or not you wish to be informed about what is going on in our website. Any email that is sent from our website will also come with an attached link that will direct you to the unsubscribe page on our website, for your convenience.

While we, at Korean.Style, will do our best to keep your information safe, you must also remember to do that yourself, too. Our Privacy Policy does not ensure the safety of your information if you, yourself, give it to someone else to use it. Our secure servers will keep your information safe, but it is up to you to keep it safe outside our servers as well.

Your information may be used in a variety of ways which include: improving your browsing experience of our website; finding suitable products from our website for you, depending on what you have recently looked at; ensuring that your satisfaction with our service is kept to a maximum. We have a team ready to answer your questions at any one time, whenever you may need them. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime our team will gladly answer any concerns you may have.

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