Three Rising Asian Styles in 2016 Japan
Three Rising Asian Styles in 2016 Japan

Three Rising Asian Styles in 2016 Japan

Published: 29/01/2016

Three Rising Asian Styles in 2016 Japan

Japan is one of the more famous centers of asian style. The Japanese have many different sub-cultures of fashion and each love setting their own. Some of the known sub-cultures are the mori girls, the yama girls, Lolita, and Harajuku girls. Since the 1970’s, more and more fashion styles have appeared, and in 1997, the magazine Fruits began to dedicate itself to chronicling these new appearances.

As people settle into the New Year, three more Japanese fashion styles have emerged. These new asian style fashion trends seem to center on the emerging call for gender equality around the world, though with an attempt to give their own little twists. And in the true Japanese way, a touch of cuteness (kawaii in Japanese) seems to slip into these fashion styles as well.

The three emerging styles are:

The Oji girl:

The “Oji girl” style doesn’t seem that new to a lot of people, but is one of the rising trending styles in Japan. The Oji girl is a winter-style look that consists of long, baggy pants, tweed vests, suspenders, and longline coats. Another name that has been given to the fashion style is “ojikawa” which is a combination of the Japanese words “oji” (uncle or old man) and “kawaii” (cute). As the words imply, the fashion style mimics the look of older gentlemen and wearing clothes that a person’s father, uncle, or grandfather may wear.

Some of the accessories that a typical Oji girl may wear are round glasses, scarves, and berets. And to top off the look, an Oji girl will have one cute item on her person like print pants or a more feminine hairdo.

Clothes that are targeted at Oji girls can be looked for online by attaching the prefix “oji” to a particular clothing item such as oji jackets and oji shoes.

the Oyaji girl

A close sister of the Oji girl, the Oyaji girl may have negative connotations within the Japanese community. “Oyaji” being another word for “old man”, the word became associated with girls who have been “friendzoned” because of the way they act.

A typical Oyaji girl often has a foul mouth and wears shabby clothes, a characteristic of an unpleasant, stay-at-home father or uncle. However, in the recent times, the Oyaji girl has become a symbol of the rising call for gender equality. The look of an Oyaji girl gives the air of androgyny or boyishness, topped with a hint of cuteness.

The French toats girl:

In the wake of the “marshmallow girls”, a new “edible” fashion style has taken its place. The Japanese magazine CanCam coined the term “French Toast Girl” in 2014. Since then, the fashion style deals with rocking a simple, casual, or basic look. French Toast girls give the air of sweetness and positivity with their basic fashion staples such as striped tees, denim clothing, and canvas shoes in purely neutral colors. The idea is that French toast is made from simple, easily obtainable ingredients and tastes delicious, hence a French toast girl is a master in dressing simply and still looking good. 

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