Fashion Trends 2016
Fashion Trends 2016

Fashion Trends 2016

Published: 28/01/2016

Fashion Trends 2016

It’s the start of the New Year, and Korean dresses are again making headlines in fashion. Korean clothes have always been the talk of the town, not just because of the models and celebrities who wear them, but because the clothes are airy and lithe, perfect for people who have a penchant for summery designs.

This year, Korean fashion is all about color, dimension, and texture. These dresses can be ordered online, with free shipping (over ₤20 worth of orders). Here are the top trends in the fashion capital of Asia:

This knee-length dress has ¾ sleeves and a Peter Pan collar. The combination of rich, earth colors gives the dress the much-needed warmth on a cold evening. Stripes of blue, bronze, brown, and silver make this ensemble perfect for night parties and dinners.

Black will always be elegant, and lace adds sexiness to any Little Black Dress (LBD). This dress has an exquisite touch of lace patterns, cascading over a thin black fabric. This dress can be worn over sandals, ballet flats, or even sneakers.

If 2015 is all about print on print, this year is going back to balancing your ensemble with a plain top and a printed skirt, or vice versa. The dress above is an example of a dress that can be worn anywhere – it is sophisticated enough for office wear, yet it is fashionable enough for late-night gimmicks with the girls. In the photo: a long-sleeve maroon dress with a striped skirt. The maroon, black, and beige stripe details also appear in the matching clutch.

This pleated dress screams “Peacock”. It’s made of light material so you can easily move in this dress. Brown is also a great color for people who want to look more slender.

This dress comes in bold colors and prints – by far the most experimental design in this batch. Aside from the complementing colors of red, brown, blue, and olive green, the stripes strangely go well with polka dots in the same hues. An added feminine touch is the big ribbon at the neckline. The design of this dress looks fresh and modern.

This dress, on the other hand, goes geometrical. Various shapes and colors add a rich texture to this long-sleeve dress. The lining near the hem also gives the impression of ruffled edges.

Sleek and chic, this LBD is the best example of simplicity and beauty. The black dress has no embellishments and accessories, but the look is pulled together. The material is made of light and smooth fabric, too. You can pair this with any color of bag and shoes, though black on black also looks good.

The ultimate contrast to the black dress, this white maxi is adorned with a ribbon at the neckline and layers of lace. The lace itself is sewn in a variety of patterns, making this dress fit for all occasions, whether they are formal or informal. It’s a good pick as well for afternoons in the park. You can also wear beige ballet flats, or as the picture suggests, baby pink pumps.

Korean fashion will always be in the trending list. You could choose which size fits you best, though the dresses with vertical stripes are good for bigger and shorter figures. If you want to look slimmer, you may opt for the two LBDs in this list. Since most of the dresses have long sleeves, the clothes are more appropriate to be worn in countries with a colder climate, or in offices.

Browse more of these Korean clothes and see what fits your fashion and lifestyle. You get free shipping once your purchases reach beyond ₤20.

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