Asian Dresses for 2016. As the new designer collections roll out, many people are excited for the rising dress styles that are predicted to become immensely popular in 2016.
Asian Dresses for 2016

Asian Dresses for 2016

Published: 04/02/2016

Asian Dresses for 2016

The New Year brings another season of weddings, parties, and prom nights for everyone, and along with it, new styles of asian dresses. Nowadays, asian clothing is inspired by clothing form the West, and dresses and gowns are of no exception. As the new designer collections roll out, many people are excited for the rising dress styles that are predicted to become immensely popular in 2016.

There are five dress styles that are steadily becoming more and more popular, so if a girl needs to know what’s in when she’s shopping for a dress, these are the styles she definitely needs to look at.

The five popular dress styles for 2016 are:

  • Cropped dresses or gowns

Cropped dresses or gowns

Cropped clothing has been around for a while now and has now begun to influence formal attire as well. Many designers are now in favor of making youthful looking gowns and dresses, and are entertained by the idea of a wedding dress consisting of a top and a skirt, and not just one large garment. Though some cropped dresses and gowns feature bare midriffs, other designs are less showy and don’t look like they’re two pieces of an outfit at all!

  • Front-open dresses or gowns

Front-open dresses or gowns

The front-open dress or gown is characterized by the not-so-hidden slit in the front of the dress that reveals another layer underneath. Some wedding gowns were made this way so that the bride can just remove the train or outer skirt when it’s time for the reception, saving both money and time getting changed into a lighter dress after Church affairs were done.

While the front-open design is not an entirely new concept, more and more fashion designers are making dresses that completely transform when the outer layer is removed. The idea is that a woman’s guests or friends won’t realize that the dress she was wearing now was the same dress she had been wearing earlier at a more formal setting.

  • Waterfall hemlines

Waterfall hemlines

As one of the styles that is still a staple year after year, dresses with waterfall hemlines are a favorite among brides who wish to show off their shapely legs. With the big ruffle in front and zig-zagging lines to frame the legs, the waterfall hemline is a design that will not go away anytime soon.

  • Sheer lace dresses or gowns

Asian Sheer lace dresses or gowns

Designers have embraced the idea of combining lingerie and gowns, adding at least one sheer lace gown in their recent collections. This type of dress or gown may be too revealing for even the most open-minded of Asian women. Though some designs mimic the qipao or cheongsam, others take inspiration from mermaid-style dresses.

  • V-neck dresses or gowns

Asian V-neck dresses or gowns

Playing around with necklines has become one of the favorite challenges of fashion designers this year. There are so many variations of the V-neck gown or dress, because it’s suitable for women of any body type, bust size, and neck length. This makes the design flexible and adaptable to the wearer, though designers recommend it for women with broad shoulders, big busts, or short, wide necks.

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